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Almost all the players who are aware of casino games know that Blackjack is treated like king of all casino games. Not only in traditional casino, even in online casino Blackjack is also the most popular and played game in online casino. Blackjack has been in the top list of casino games since generations and is accepted to attract more and more player in the upcoming future too. Blackjack is considered to be similar to Vingt en un game that was played in the almost all the French casino in 17thcentury. So Blackjack can be said to inherit it feature for this old generation casino game.

Blackjack is game of cards which have to be played with high level of skills and concentration. This is a game to be played by expert casino games and no easy to play for beginners. In order to play this game one has to be very skilled in analyzing the cards and would also be good at basic rules and strategies of the game. One has to go for this game only when he or she is very good at card game has more time to spend on the rules, procedures and strategies of the game.

The main goal of the player in this game would be to gain 21 points or at least to get closer to this target. All the cards are counted by their actual values expect for Jacks, Queens and Kings. Each of these cards is valued as ten where as Ace is valued as 1 or 10. On reaching a count of 21 the player wins and if he or she exceeds the count will lose the game. The bet will be raised when every the players tie up the game.

Blackjack is not a game of luck and so you can’t rely on luck to win the game. In order to win the game you have to be extremely skilled in playing cards and need to apply mathematical logics in the game rather than tips. Every player has his or her own view of seeing the game and so will the strategy applied differs with each game as well as play. But before talking about strategies you need to be clear and perfect in the fundamental rules of the game.

The most common strategy applied for the game is card counting and it won’t be hard for you to master in card counting once you have a good command over the basic strategies applied in blackjack. Card counting is a strategy applied and managed by most of the experts in playing Blackjack. So beginners and intermediate players feel hard to get the strategy into their mind at the initial stages. Card counting will let you determine whether the deck is left out with high or lower cards. If you are holding the lower cards then the deck will have higher cards and your chances of winning the game will be high and vice versa.