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Simple Casino Games

As you know casino became a hit as online casino in the mid 90´s, and since then the casinos online has grown and grown and will continue growing, probably until everyone in the world has an account. We will introduce to you a selection of simple casino games and will continue add more and more. Here you can read about rules, how games works, and also some hints for you.

There are of course a lot of more different games, but after been doing researches, it turned out that these games were the most played games in online casino. If you want to play these games, just look in the menu free games as we have and you can play the games for free. When you are playing the games you can more easily understand how the games are working. Prepare yourself in the free games and go to some of the casinos and become an online casino champion!

A classic game which we are sure that you have heard of or maybe even been playing is Black Jack. In order to win you need 21 points or to come as close as possible to 21.

You are playing against the dealer in this game. The dealer starts by giving you one card, and give himself a card, gives you one again, and himself again, but this time you cannot see the number of the dealers card as you can do with the first card. Once you get your 2 cards you can either:

Hold – You think that your cards are better than the dealers and decide not to take another card.

Take a card – You might think that the dealer has more points than you do and therefore decides to take another card which will be added to the points that you already have from the two other cards.

Split – This function is when you get 2 cards of the same value, example two 7´s or two kings. When you get these cards, your pile with the two cards you had from the beginning with be split up into two piles. From here you will get new cards on the piles and decide whether you want to hold or take another card to that pile.

A lot of people kind of refuse to play roulette. Is it because they do not know how to play? In that case, we will learn everyone to play roulette so next time some of you goes to a casino or decides to play online you will have the knowledge of how it works.

The first thing you do when you are going to play Roulette is to make a bet.

There are 2 different kinds of Roulette; American Roulette or European Roulette. The thing that differs from the other one is that in American Roulette you will play with 38 sections in the spinning wheel instead of 37 sections. On the game field you will find the numbers as you can bet on. If you for example bet on number 23, the white ball as the dealer throws in the spinning wheel lands on that number you are a winner. The wheel that the ball I spinning in must spin counter clockwise. The dealer must according to the rules say out loud who puts winning bets via the color of the section and the section number.

Scratch Cards
You have probably bought scratch cards in your life sometime. Scratch cards could be the easiest game there is. When you are playing scratch cards in an online casino, you will b asked to chose the cards you want to scratch. Once you are done, you can play the slow way by scratching one part of the card or let the game scratch all of it so you will be able to see if you have won or not.

The normal scratch cards consist of 3×3 disguised symbols or numbers. In order to win you need to get three of the same kind. The symbols or numbers shows how much you have won if you get three of a kind.

Scratch card came pretty late as a game to online casinos, but has expanded and has become a favorite for many people. Can it be the excitement that people are after or is it just because it differ from the other normal casino games? If you want to try Scratch Cards online just go to the “Free Games” menu and you will find it there together with other games.

The slot machine was the first game ever made for a casino. The machine was built in 1887 by a man named Charles Fey, a man from San Francisco U.S. The first machine contained total of five symbols – horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and a liberty bell. This was the first machine which started the era of slot machines. More and more slot machines were made and the first machine which had a second screen with a bonus round was built in 1996. During the years from 1887 until now a lot has changed as you probably understand.

The graphic has changed, the symbols as well and the only thing that might not differ from the machine back then and the machine you can chose to play from today is the feeling when you are pulling “the arm” and waits until the symbols comes in a row. Slots have been the most popular game in casino since the casino first started. There are so many people who have become millionaires just by playing the slot machines. When you enter a casino today, you will see that almost 70% of the whole casino is slot machines and the rest are table games such as poker or black jack.